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The Ukrainian report concerning RF private military companies’ crimes was presented in Europarliament

The report concerning RF private military companies’ crimes at Donbas and Syria prepared by the Security service of Ukraine, Ministry of Information Policy and the International Volunteer Intelligence Community InformNapalm was presented in Europarliament in Brussels.

The Deputy Minister of Information Policy in Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin made a report at special event in Europarliament. He furnished with data about geographic reach of the terrorist formations that at the direction of Kremlin act at Crimea, Donbas, Syria, and previously in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Recently, during the briefing in Kyiv, the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak said that the service has documented the PMC Wagner implication in committing of Ukrainian plane IL-76 downing with 49 militaries on board in June 2014, as well as other crimes in Ukraine. “This Russian secret services project allow Kremlin politicians enounce the phrases “they are not there” or “we didn’t sent them there” – emphasized Vasyl Hrytsak. A suspicion of committing a crime to leader of PMC Wagner Dmytro Utkin was issued in Ukraine.

he Ukrainian delegation transferred data about detected Russian militants to Europarliament representatives, in order that together with Europe punish persons breaking international law.

The Polish delegate to Europarliament Anna Fotyga organized the event “Russian private military companies, combatting at Donbas and Syria” with the assistance of the EP European Conservatives and Reformists fraction. The Europarliament deputies, EU institutions representatives and relevant experts participated. “During last weeks the world got to know much more about engagement of Russian private military companies in military actions in Ukraine and Syria” – the deputy mentioned.

The SBU will further publish the list of criminals with all their fundamental data and transfer it to our partners by relevant channels.

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